Why I Love to Fly: A Personal Flying Story

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One of the great things about being a pilot is the freedom it provides. Recently, I had to take my daughter back to college. The plan was for me to drive after I finished work on Friday from our home in New York to the University of Delaware. The trip would take us the length of New Jersey before the start of a summer weekend.

The prospect of driving from New York to Delaware is not one I look forward to on the best of occasions, but trying to leave the NYC metro area and driving the length of New Jersey on a Friday night before a warm, sunny forecast, was not my idea of how to start a weekend. I knew full well, as anyone living in this part of the world knows, it often seems everyone in the Northeast is heading for the Jersey shore. A normal five hour car ride can easily turn into ten or more.

But I’m a pilot! I can rise above this congested nightmare of a commute! The solution was simple: fly.

I picked my daughter at 4:00 pm and drove to Panorama Flight Service at Westchester Airport in White Plains, New York, and rented one of their new Cessna 172s with a G1000 glass panel. We took off around 5:30, and a little over an hour later we landed in Wilmington, Delaware, where my daughter’s boyfriend met us. We walked over to Polidoro’s restaurant, right

next door to the airport, had a relaxing dinner with some excellent conversation (with no alcohol). By 8:30 pm, I was in the cockpit heading home.

Looking down as I flew over the New Jersey Turnpike (or rather, the New Jersey parking lot, as traffic was backed-up for miles and miles), I could appreciate the twinkling taillights and headlights as being quite beautiful from 5,000 feet above. Not having to be stuck in that awful traffic made me appreciate the freedom general aviation affords.

Flying… what a great way to travel!

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