Sennheiser Headsets Retains Aviation Marketing Consulting

Aviation Marketing Agency to Develop Advertising Campaign for its New Line of Active Noise Reduction Headsets

Aviation Marketing Consulting was retained by Sennheiser Aviation to come up with creative ad concepts for its new line of advanced digital headsets.

Easily the S-1’s most innovative and important feature is the way it attenuates harmful noise. The S-1 is an active noise reduction (ANR) headset, meaning, it uses circuitry to block damaging noise, in addition to employing traditional passive features, like the ear-cup design, contact pressure and acoustically absorbent materials. That’s not new. What’s new is the way it employs the active circuitry.

Traditionally, ANR headsets use an acoustic “trick” to help save your ears. They use a tiny microphone mounted on the inside of each ear cup. The microphone picks up harmful noise before it enters your ears, samples the frequencies and creates a duplicate of the sound, exactly 180 degrees out of phase, effectively canceling out the offending sound. The problem is that this method is effective in blocking mostly the low-frequency noise. The highs still get through and can cause hearing damage.

The S-1 enhances that idea by making the attenuation cover much more of the sound spectrum. It adds two more high-sensitivity microphones—this time mounted on the outside of the ear cups. These microphones pick up high-frequency noise from the airflow over the fuselage and from the propeller and engine. Combined, the four microphones block a wide swath of harmful frequencies.

The S-1 introduces Sennheiser’s NoiseGard Digital, taking the technology even further. This system offers true “adaptive” noise reduction. By pushing a little button on the side of the ear cup at any point in the flight, the headset takes an audio snapshot of the sound environment at that very second. It samples the noise and creates an “anti-noise,” but in real time. It’s a sort of “parametric EQ” in reverse. Your headset can thus be continuously optimized throughout the flight! Other manufacturers who offer “adaptive ANR” do it by matching the offending noise to a preset approximation, not a true analysis. The difference in sound is significant.


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