Private Jet Travel Offers More Than Privacy

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It’s no secret that 21st century commercial air travel has become a real headache. The crowds are nerve-wracking, the security lines never-ending and the service is less than stellar. Not to mention the frequent flight delays.

In recent months, due to TSA staffing cuts, people  waiting up to three hours in security check-in line are barely making it to the jetway in time for their flights. After fighting the traffic, finding parking and other hassles just to get to a congested airport, missing your flight is the final straw for most travelers, who are turning to private jet travel as a sensible alternative to flying commercial.

Private jet charter improves your entire travel experience in numerous ways, not the least of which is cutting down on stress and aggravation – but perhaps the most important benefit is the time you save.

Less Time on the Ground

TSA Security Screening

Private jets allow travellers to avoid long TSA security lines

Flying private charter saves you hours of not having to wait in the TSA’s long check-in queue:

  • You can you arrive at the airport just minutes, not hours, before departure.
  • Security checks are streamlined for international travel, and not required for domestic flights.
  • Many times, you can drive right onto the tarmac and be steps away from your private jet.
  • When you land, your bags can be brought right to your car, so there’s more time saved by not having to wait at the baggage carousel.
  • AND, you don’t have take off your shoes, belt, coins or jewelry.

Charter flights also save you time travelling to and from major airports, which are usually located in congested metropolises. Since charter jets do not need the long runways that commercial jets do, they can fly in and out of regional and feeder airports in less congested areas. A private jet can access some 5,000 civil airports across the U.S., which most likely will be much closer to your ultimate destination than the nearest commercial air terminal.

Less Time in the Air

Private charter flights do not operate from hubs like commercial airlines, so your travel is not impacted by layovers and/or airline timetables. There is no airline schedule to deal with, just your schedule.

Commercial airliners are also subject to weather delays that impact their entire air system. With a private jet, you have the flexibility to takeoff and land as soon as the weather breaks.

Many of today’s private jets are designed to fly higher and faster than commercial jets, so they can get you to your destination faster, saving you time in flight.

Flying private certainly offers a more luxurious, peaceful and private travel experience, but the real benefit is saving you time, which ultimately means saving you money.

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