Ten Reasons to Love Private Air Charter

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They say it’s lonely at the top.  But did they mention it’s far more comfortable!

The use of private air charter is on the rise fueled in part by an entirely new customer base of first-time travelers to this market. We have compiled the Top 10 Reasons to Love Private Air Charter, which is why this form of travel is attracting a broader customer base.

It is no secret that COVID-19 has caused major disruptions to many industries because of newfound priorities to take extra measures to ensure our safety and those we care about. We have come to expect a business model with fewer touchpoints, just-in-time service and less idle time. Passengers don’t want a higher level of service in an airport offering better shopping experiences and gourmet food options because they don’t want to be in an airport at all!

Private Air Charter Offers a Wide Range of Benefits

Is this the sole reason that travelers have opted for private air charter in lieu of commercial flights recently? Yes and no. Customers have opted to fly via private air charter because it offers a wide range of benefits, as well as the convenience and ease of traveling. AND dare I say…. much more enjoyable when compared with commercial air travel.

Many business travelers, sports figures and celebrities already prefer private air charter, as it offers many advantages, both big and small, as we’ll explore. What’s more, deteriorating service on the commercial airlines have created an unpleasant experience to say the least – that is if your flight is not canceled in the first place. Flight delays, long lines, strict rules and poor customer service has negatively impacted our collective experiences when flying on commercial air carriers.

Now we come to the point in our conversation where you mention that cost is a prohibitive factor. Actually, there is a growing number of charter operators and flying options than ever before which provide different price points and service flexibility to serve the leisure traveler and business traveler at both ends of the spectrum. As demand grows and the fleet size increases, so does the possibility that there will be an aircraft where and when you need it next.

Our Top 10 Reasons to Love Private Air Charter

1. You’re In Charge

Chartering a flight is empowering! After all, you are paying to travel on your terms and your schedule. You decide where to go and when to leave. There is less stress if you are running late to catch your flight, your flight crew will be waiting for you to arrive. You can rest assured that if your plans change, so can your itinerary adapt. Did we mention you can sit wherever you’d like?

2. Convenience Is King

It is not necessary to fly out of large, busy international airports. With over 5,000 airports in our national airport system, you can fly into and out of smaller, regional airports that are closer to your destination – reducing travel time on the ground. And if you drive to the airport, you can conveniently park just steps away from the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) where your aircraft awaits.

3. Customize Your Trip

You can choose the aircraft and seating arrangement that suits your trip purpose. Is it just you on a short business hop, a family vacation to the Caribbean or a large group of alumni heading off to watch a college bowl game? After you’ve selected the aircraft, customize your on-board experience with your favorite entertainment and food catered to your gastronomic preference. Got pets? Traveling with them on board has never been easier.

4. Safe Travels

The private jet industry is strictly regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in terms of crew standards, flight operation and maintenance. Flying with a reputable private charter company ensures that the aircraft is maintained and operated to the highest standard. But the safety experience does not end there – less crowded terminals and fewer people on board will make your flight safer from viruses and other pathogens.

5. Personal Service

When you travel private, you’re able to speak with the pilots and bring up any last minute questions or concerns you have. Many charter companies do more than just schedule your flight. They also provide pre-flight assistance and post flight amenities – taking care of everything from limo pick-up to hotel accommodations – even restaurant and theater reservations. If your flight is delayed, a full-service concierge service can amend your arrival time, car service and dinner reservation. Voilà!

6. Efficient

There is no need to arrive at the airport hours before your departure time, stand on a long security line or  pick up your bags on the ever-so-slow baggage carousel.  Furthermore, it is possible at many private terminals to get dropped off on the ramp at the foot of the stairs to your aircraft. This is about claiming back your time that was previously spent… well, waiting.

7. Privacy Matters

Enjoy your trip with your family, friends and business associates while sitting in a quiet and comfortable cabin. You do not have to be wealthy or uber famous to desire privacy and confidentiality. This is effective social distancing for people who value their privacy more than ever before.

8. Flexibility Is Freeing

In today’s environment, this just might be the most compelling reason to charter a flight.  You are free to add a destination or change your itinerary on the “fly.” As a result, you can remove the phrases “layover” and “connecting flight” from your vocabulary.  Go ahead, it feels good!

9. Do What You Want, When You Want

You are free to utilize the cabin space as you see fit and be as productive or nonproductive as you wish. Hold meetings, edit documents, use your laptop, watch movies, make phone calls, listen to music or stretch out and take a nap.

10. There Is an Aircraft for Everyone

There are many types of aircraft for private air charter.  Turboprops are economical for shorter trips. Stepping up to a jet gives you lots of options beginning with light jets, mid-size, super mid, up to large cabin jets. Costs range from approximately $1,200 per flight hour for a turboprop to over $20,000 per hour for a large-cabin heavy jet.

We didn’t even mention the benefits of shared charter, semi-private or the membership-based charter models.  Times are changing and we are all too happy to adapt.

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