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A Complete Range of Traditional, Digital and New Media Marketing Services

From Concept through Completion

Our Agency Provides All of the Marketing Services
Your Aviation/Aerospace Company Will Need.

Strategic Marketing Plans

We develop a “flight plan” for success by developing a strategic marketing plan that establishes short- and long-term business objectives, identifies your top customers and defines the competitive positioning or U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition) that will make your business stand out in the market place and make you the clear choice for your customers.

Social Media

Social Media is emerging as a powerful marketing tool to engage customers on social media platforms, such as: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and more. Aviation Marketing Consulting will manage all aspects of your social media program from strategy, content development, posting, promotions, monitoring and reporting.

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Public Relations

Public relations is a very effective tool for building awareness and generating interest for your company through press releases, publicity and press events. Obtaining press coverage is very powerful because it provides the impression of a third-party endorsement by the medium in which it appears.

Digital Marketing

Aviation Marketing Consulting develops and implements effective digital marketing campaigns – vital for businesses to attain a national and global presence. Services include Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google AdWords & Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, Banner Ads, eCommerce and Email Marketing.


Aviation Marketing Consulting creates compelling, attention-grabbing advertising to promote your aerospace or aviation business. We have extensive experience in all forms of advertising from print to radio, from TV to digital, from in-store promotions to outdoor billboards.


Developing a brand identity is no longer optional in aviation’s competitive marketplace – we will create a memorable brand image that communicates your business’s core values, principles and benefits in a manner that will resonate with your core customers.

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Why Choose Aviation Marketing Consulting

We are expert in all aspects of digital marketing, advertising, SEO, social media, public relations, to name a few – with in-house capabilities to deliver any marketing service your aviation business needs.

Aviation Marketing Consulting manages all aspects of your marketing initiatives from concept to full implementation. Our hands-on approach with your marketing means that you can focus on running your business, client relations and keeping operations humming while we manage the details of implementing a professional and cost-effective marketing program that will allow your business to soar!

Why Choose Aviation Marketing Consulting?

We're preflighted and ready to takeoff!

Aviation Marketing Consulting is a team of talented professionals in marketing, advertising, digital marketing, public relations and promotions – with an aviation focus. We have the right blend of experience, strategy and practical know-how to make your aviation business a success.

The combination produces exceptional results

We combine effective, goal-oriented strategic marketing programs with an award-winning creative style that has garnered numerous awards in advertising and design – a testament to our quality work and clients satisfaction.

Providing Airworthy Marketing Solution Since 2006

With our extensive experience, we’re already preflighted and ready to take off! We get your marketing off the ground quickly with minimal supervision or learning curve – and without costly errors!

We Walk the Walk!

Our staff are aviation enthusiasts. Our President, Rocco Cipriano, is an instrument rated, private pilot and a Captain with the Civil Air Patrol. We understand the aviation industry because we live it!

Active in Aviation Organizations

We are members of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), National Aviation Transportation Association (NATA) and Westchester Aviation Association (WAA).

Client Testimonials

  • Our rankings in major search engines had dropped, as well as the number and quality of our website leads. The local agency that was managing digital marketing really did not understand our aviation business and did not have an effective answer to improve lead generation. We switch to Aviation Marketing Consulting - they dramatically improved our SEO and PPC campaigns and subsequently the number and quality of leads from our digital marketing campaign.

    – Mike Medley Flight Training International, Inc. / President
  • Selling the wx24Pilot app is somewhat difficult as it is a new way of presenting aviation weather. Finding a marketing company that understands and appreciates the problem and is able to bring original thinking to the table is what I needed and what I found in Aviation Marketing Consulting. They brought innovative ideas, suggestions and solutions and produced early results and is why I extended their contract beyond the initial launch phase.

    Paxton Calvanese
  • We have worked with Aviation Marketing Consulting for many years utilizing their marketing programs to successfully promote our FBO, Aircraft Charter, Flight School and Aircraft Maintenance. They built our two websites, created email and snail mail marketing campaigns, handled our public relations and implemented numerous other projects on our behalf. We found their rates to be reasonable and worthwhile when considering the “bang for the buck” that we received

    Gene Condreras Panorama Flight Service / President
  • Clearly you are doing an amazing job! Chelsea and I are swamped so bad, and I see that our ATP-CTP rankings are going up. That is great. That is what Mike wants to make sure we are getting our fair share of. Chelsea and I have been on the phone all day, but for all the right reasons.

    Kelly Regan Flight Training International / Sales Manager
  • We wanted an objective review of our past and proposed marketing initiatives to determine if our marketing message, tactics and media aimed towards business aviation was as effective as possible. We reached out to Aviation Marketing Consulting because of their extensive knowledge and experience providing strategic marketing services to the business aviation segment of the industry.

    James Person ViaSat, Inc. / Director of Global Business Development
  • Finally, someone has written a general aviation marketing book that everyone selling aviation products or services needs. Rocco Cipriano’s Aviation Marketing Handbook helps you answer the question that’s on the minds of each and every one of your potential clients: What’s in it for me? Your success as an aviation enterprise is dependent on how well you answer that question for your customers. Rocco’s Aviation Marketing Handbook provides many of the tools, strategies and techniques you’ll need to better promote and sell your aviation products and services.

    Rod Machado
    Rod Machado Flight Instructor, Author, Speaker

A marketing agency that is preflighted for aviation


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